Agreements creation

# Files import

In the left menu of the application (SETTINGS > Imports) you can import Agreements (“Customers agreements”) by importing a file.

All files must respect the following format:

SEPARATOR Comma (“,”)
HEADER The first line of the file must contain the column header

# Expected files

# Agreement file structure

Expected fieldsDescriptionTypeSample value / comments
Customer ID**Identifier of the home Customer of the agreement (eg that of your BO or CRM)Alphanumeric
Customer domain**Name of the home Customer of the
Agreement type*Agreement typeAlphanumericAvailable values: 'INITIAL', 'RENEW', 'AMENDMENT', 'SERVICE', 'OTHER'
PlanOffer subscribed by the customerAlphanumericBasic
Start date*Agreement start date AvailableAllowed formats : YYYY/MM/DD ou DD/MM/AAAA
Monthly fee*Amount of the monthly subscriptionNumeric (decimals separated by a “.”)
One-time feeAmount of the setup (or service provision)Numeric (decimals separated by a “.”)
Duration*Agreement durationNumeric1
Duration period*In days / weeks / yearAlphanumericAvailable values:'DAY', 'WEEK', 'MONTH', 'YEAR'
Notice*Notice durationNumeric3
Notice period*In days / weeks / yearAlphanumericAvailable values: 'DAY', 'WEEK', 'MONTH', 'YEAR'
Auto-renew*Indicates whether the contract includes an identical tacit renewalNumeric1 or “true” if true

The column order is free but it it is preferable to respect the titles (auto-mapping).
The fields followed by an * are compulsory (** only one of the fields is required).
The fields in bold are the merge fields