You are a new Skalin user, the goal of this document is to guide you through the different stages of setting up the solution. This guide is written for anyone working on Skalin’s configuration: CS teams and technical teams.

# Data sources

3 data sources are required to ensure the optimal functioning of the application:

  1. Customers and contacts informations
  2. Discussions with your customers
  3. Product usage

# Customer and contact informations

Customers and contacts Data is retrieved by uploading files directly in the App and / or through an integration with your CRM.

# Discussions with your customers

Data are collected via one of the following systems:

  • Gmail: emails are collected directly from Google via the Mail API once authorization has been given by each user.
  • Outlook & other email clients: the emails exchanged are collected through a dedicated Skalin email address, specific to your account.
  • Hubspot: thanks to our integration with Hubspot, the activities logged in Husbpot are automatically uploaded to Skalin.

# Product usage

Product usage of your application are recorded via a javascript tag placed in the sources of your App or in a GTM type Tag Manager or Tag Commander.


All events (emails, meeting, navigation, etc.) are only recorded for contacts already registered in Skalin. The creation of Customers and Contacts is therefore a prerequisite. The IDs provided in the files and those transmitted by the tag must match.