Support homepage

Welcome to this Skalin support area. There you will find how to contact us.

# Goal of User Support

The goal of the User Support by Skalin is to provide a standard procedure for all inquiries thanks to a dedicated support team.

The inquiries can be relative to:

  • an issue while using the platform

  • an error triggered by the system

  • a question on how to use the platform

# How to reach the support

To reach the support you have to send an email to "". This access is available to partners as well or in case the platform itself is unreachable.

# Sending an email

Your inquiry will be taken into account if and only if all the following information are provided:

  • Corporation name

  • Client name in case you work as a contractor

  • Last name and First name

  • Subject of the inquiry

  • Full description of the issue: link to the entity, steps to reproduce, etc.

As soon as possible we will contact you back in order to respond your request.